Coco Malabar

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Coco Malabar (aka Nicolas Tumba) was born in the Democratic Congo (ex Zaire) and resides now in Brussels. He is a non-typical artist who doesn’t wish to be a prisoner of the traditional Congolese music but prefers instead to be influenced by all types of cultures.

This original creative fever which is cross-border was already very noticeable in his first CD ( “ Dienda “ – Contrejour ).

Music has always been a part of Coco’s life. As a child he was a member of the local church choir. This is where he got acquainted with the guitar, the first chords and harmonies. His father listened a lot to Myriam Makeba, who left a deep mark on him. Then came Fela Kuti, le grand Kallé, etc.

Coco calls his musical style afro-pop, afro-rock or afro-groove. This style is the result of multiple influences that he collected from Africa and from Europe. Although the African source is unmistakable, sound treatment and arrangements are closer to rock and even punk.

Africa’s dignity is a major theme in Coco’s work. He is more than fed up with the recurring image of Africa as a beggar’s continent. He wants to see a strong Africa with a view to the future.

  1. 1Ye Imama (Cut 1 mn)
    C'est l'histoire d'un rêveur romantique qui dit à tout le monde qu'il pense à ELLE et qu'il parle d'ELLE.
  2. 2Bana Kongo (Cut 1mn)
    De grâce, pour l'intérêt suprême du Pays, conduisons nous en adultes responsables. Pourquoi le coltan enrichit-il tout le monde mais pas les congolais ?
  3. 3Mokili (Cut 1mn)
    Rien ne sert à maudire le monde, cherches et trouves ta voie
  4. 4Mambeta (Cut 1 mn)
    Je fais mon truc,comme je le sens ; mon ABCD n'est pas le vôtre, c'est pas grave. (Le refrain est une mélodie du groupe folklorique Kintueni de Kinshasa)

bande6 - 620x36 - v2