YaFaBéKa (Khanzai)

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YaFaBéKa was created in automn 2021 by Khanzai Seydou Sana (Ka) and Robert Falk (Fa), two confirmed artists coming from different continents but with a single vision. The rhythm section composed of   Edem Gayakpa (Ya – bass) et Octave Agbékpénou ( – Drums – Percussions) is completed this guitar-player duo.

The band’s repertoire is a mix of original songs by Khanzai and Robert, which are based on the rich legacy of West Africa’s musicial traditions and expand it with new elements ; it also features spicy and africanized covers of some of the songs of the great french artist Georges Brassens.

bande31 - 620x36

Audios & Videos

  1. 1Baaba Foo (Extrait)
    Une chanson qui évoque un père qui berce son enfant au milieu d'autres images poétiques
  2. 2Gastibelza (Extrait)
    Une des chansons iconiques de G. Brassens (paroles de Victor Hugo) transmutée dans le rythme burkinabé du Takamba
  3. 3Tuum Yiille (Extrait)
    Une ode à la gloire du travail (et des travailleurs).

Khanzai and Robert in a song which is an ode to work. Shot in Brussels by Mirko and Timour Popovitch. Edited in Ouagadougou by Jean-Claude Frisque for Manivelle Productions

bande31 - 620x36

Biography of Khanzai only available in french for the time being.