Manssata Sora

bande22 - 620x36

Kananyabo  (NEW TRACK)

  1. 1Kananyabo (Extr 2:30)


Manssata was born and grew up in Mbour close to Dakar within an extended family of griots and musicians .

From an early age she has learned the traditionnal repertoire of western Africa, more specifically the mandinka tradition. She is also a dancer and was part of several dance companies in Senegal.

She came to Europe in 2009 and decided to settle in Belgium. Very much in demand as a dancer and backing vocalist, she has started her own group in 2018.

We are currently recording several songs which will be featured either on an EP or a full CD depending on how the project will evolve.

Manssata already sang on the  song Sanaa which is featured in the second CD of Orchestre Toubab. This track has been broadcasted on Brussels Airlines and in several radio stations around the world during the spring/summer of 2018


bande22 - 620x36


The first recordings of the future EP (or CD) of Manssata (see below to access to the audio tracks via the player)


Vocals : Manssata Sora
Electric guitar, bass : Alpha Athié
Acoustic guitars : Robert Falk
Percus : Octave Agbépénou



Vocals : Manssata Sora
Electric guitars, bass : Robert Falk
Electric guitar : Alpha Athié
Keyboards : Robert Falk & Koffi Sadjo Hetsu
Percus : El Hadj Diouf, Mor  & Robert Falk



Vocals : Manssata Sora
Backing Vocals : Aida Dao, Malick Pathé Sow & Manssata Sora
Electric and acoustic guitars : Robert Falk
Bass : Edem Gayakpa
Drums : Octave Agbépénou


Kananyabo  NEW TRACK

Vocals : Manssata Sora
Backing Vocals : Edem Gayakpa & Manssata Sora
Electric and acoustic guitars : Robert Falk & Alpha Athié
Keyboards :Robert Falk
Bass : Edem Gayakpa
Drums : Octave Agbépénou

  1. 1Mousso (Extr 3 min)
    Une femme apprend que son mari la trompe //// A woman learns that her husband is cheating on her (solo guitar by Alpha Athié)
  2. 2Weyal (Extr 2:30)
    Manssata chante comment ses parents lui ont transmis la tradition des griots //// Manssata sings about how her parents passed on to her the Griot tradition
  3. 3Exil (Extr 2:30)
    Une mise en garde à propos des périls du voyage et de la dureté de l'exil en Europe //// A warning about the hazards of the voyage and the hardships of being exiled in Europe
  4. 4Kananyabo (Extr 2:30)
    Il faut être responsable avec l'argent et les biens matériels //// One has to be responsible with money and materiel goods

bande22 - 620x36


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