Pas Mal +

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Pas Mal + was founded by Jean-Paul Kilosho (Lead Guitar) and Yannick Koy (Lead Vocals) in 1994.

It started as a typical rumba-sukus band but evolved quickly into a true african world-music group. This was achieved by incorporating music elements from the african diaspora such as afro-cuban,  caribbean, swing or brazilian music. However the lyrics of the songs were predominantly in lingala with a bit of french and the singing style remained in the congolese tradition. All these combined elements blended into an original type of music, that appealed to a very wide audience.


The members of the band were quite well-known in the belgian-african music world as most of them are or were part of important groups such as Zap Mama, Afra Sound Stars, Formule 1, Afro-Soukous, Color Rumba, Valeurs Sûres de Bruxelles, etc

Pas Mal + has toured extensively in Belgium, between 1999 and 2008 playing in all kind of venues : big festivals (Couleur Café, Francofolies), smaller festivals (Brocante de Matonge, Pili-Pili, Vénerie) clubs and even private parties. It has also been involved as backup band for renowned artists (Papa Wendo, Tabu Ley Rochereau, , Jeff Bodart) in several important shows.

The band has been featured in a 2004 documentary on RTBF (1001 Couleurs)

A first CD was released in 1996 ‘Portés Disparus’. Between 2001 and 2004, I recorded the songs for a second CD which I called ‘Chacun Pour Soi’. Although it has never been released in a physical form, it is fully available on this site.

The group has been dormant since 2009 but could reawaken at any time.

bande8 - 620x36