Pas Mal +

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Pas Mal + was founded by Jean-Paul Kilosho (Lead Guitar) and Yannick Koy (Lead Vocals) in 1994.

It started as a typical rumba-sukus band but evolved quickly into a true african world-music group. This was achieved by incorporating music elements from the african diaspora such as afro-cuban,  caribbean, swing or brazilian music. However the lyrics of the songs were predominantly in lingala with a bit of french and the singing style remained in the congolese tradition. All these combined elements blended into an original type of music, that appealed to a very wide audience.


The members of the band were quite well-known in the belgian-african music world as most of them are or were part of important groups such as Zap Mama, Afra Sound Stars, Formule 1, Afro-Soukous, Color Rumba, Valeurs Sûres de Bruxelles, etc

Pas Mal + has toured extensively in Belgium, between 1999 and 2008 playing in all kind of venues : big festivals (Couleur Café, Francofolies), smaller festivals (Brocante de Matonge, Pili-Pili, Vénerie) clubs and even private parties. It has also been involved as backup band for renowned artists (Papa Wendo, Tabu Ley Rochereau, , Jeff Bodart) in several important shows.

The band has been featured in a 2004 documentary on RTBF (1001 Couleurs)

A first CD was released in 1996 ‘Portés Disparus’. Between 2001 and 2004, I recorded the songs for a second CD which I called ‘Chacun Pour Soi’. Although it has never been released in a physical form, it is fully available on this site.

Mr Problème” is featured in the soundtrack of the belgian film “Black

The group has been dormant since 2009. A certain weariness vis-à-vis the growing difficulties in the music business has taken it’s toll. Nevertheless there is always the possibility to come back.

In 2021, in the context of cultural life being almost to a standstill because of the Covid pandemic, I have remixed all of these songs. This task is now almost complete.

The leader of the band, Jean-Paul Kilosho has passed away from Covid in Kinshasa on 2 january 2022. These recordings are a testimony to his music as a composer, arranger and guitar-player. RIP Jean Paul

bande8 - 620x36